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Welcome to our web services!

You will find here the main documentation of our web services focusing on biodiversity conservation, protected areas, ecosystems, soils, land and marine resources.
These services are documented hereafter using a set of a catalogs which have been customized for external users (e.g. Thematic, Datasets, Methods, …) as well as for internal users (e.g. names of services and databases, responsible developer).
This site is continuously updated, has a restricted access and we are currently testing its use by external reviewers from IUCN, UNEP-WCMC and Birdlife International.
Any feedback is welcome!

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Use of these web services is subject to the terms and conditions of use governing the original datasets. These restrict the use of the data for commercial purposes and require users to acknowledge the source of the data. JRC would like to be informed should the web services be used regularly.
For full terms and conditions see here.